2014 to 2020

  • 2020

Acquisition of 30 beds for ‘Itezhi Tezhi District Hospital

Thanks to the help of many benefactors, we contributed to the purchase of 30 hospital beds that have arrived and are already operational in Itezi Tehzi in the only hospital in the area. “Itezhi Tezhi District Hospital” has 50 beds in all plus 6 for children in Maternity.

The district of Itezhi Tezhi has about 100,000 inhabitants, scattered in numerous villages, between the lake of the same name, the plain of the Kafue river and the slight hills further north.

Here Don Michele, a Comboni priest, works to help the population who continue to die of malaria, tuberculosis, meningitis or crocodile bites.

The district, located in the central area of ​​Zambia, is more than 500 km from the Luanchya area where we work with DaGama and the missionary nuns of Assisi.

  • 2019

Chapter of Chililabombwe

In the little town of Chililabombwe, near Congo, has been built ( thanks to a donor) a little – very beautiful – Chapter, in the convent of the sisters , where a lot of zambian people go to pray.

Realization of TWO ARTESIAN WELLS in the little town of Chililabombwe

 This year DaGama Onlus also funded the realization of two Artesian Wells – in very poor farms (very low-income communities) near the little town of Chililabombwe.


The Extension of Mother Angela Convent School is continuing. The very beautiful school permits the education for poor villages in the north of Zambia from grade 1 to Grade 12.


Amici di Dagama Onlus has built St. William School some years ago. The school – in a very poor farm near Luanshya – was damaged from acts of vandalism. Recently it has been completely refurbished.