DaGama Home Onlus has committed to supporting the cost of food for needy and handicapped children at the DaGama schools. The meals provide a powerful incentive for families to send their children to school, and the nutritional benefits are crucial to the health of the students as they strengthen their bodies and work hard to succeed.

Many of the graduates have gone on to post-secondary schools and now have professional careers. The Franciscan Missionary Sisters are careful not to neglect the spiritual formation of the children. Religious instruction is a required element of the school curriculum.

The students pray together, study the Scriptures, learn the catechism, and go to weekly Mass. The non-Catholic students can opt out of catechism and Mass and instead participate in Christian morals classes. Poor children who have no disabilities but cannot afford the uniforms and fees required by public schools are enrolled at the DaGama Community School, where classes are held inside a converted shipping container. The students receive a quality education and a daily lunch and snack and are encouraged to intermingle with the handicapped children. The DaGama schools include primary and secondary levels and offer a wellrounded education that includes reading, writing, math, science, music, drama, wood working, sports, and other learning opportunities.