2007 to 2014

Long Distance adoption for more than 350 Zambian children

DaGama ONLUS mainly supports DaGama Home School in Luanshya (a copper-belt town in the central Zambian diocese of Ndola) providing, through long distance adoption, the growth and instruction of about 350 children, many of whom are handicapped and impoverished kids.

With about $33 (30€) per month we provide a valid help for several African families.


Dental Clinic

DaGama Home organization recently wanted also to address the lack of dental services by equipping communities with a Dental Clinic (in the North of Zambia) to achieve sustainability with dignity. The aim was the local access to basic dental care and education.

The clinic has been equipped with new dental equipment and technologies and managed with efficiency to provide an unmatched patient experience.

Nutritional  Centres

DaGama ONLUS furthermore contributes to build and maintain several Nutritional Centers , in different small Zambian villages like Kapepa, Walale and Kampelembe as well as little towns like Chililabombwe. The centres assure a meal per day at hundreds of children.